Keeping Your Home Free of Scabies is Important

Because scabies can live for 3 - 4 days outside of a human body, they can easily be laying around any household items that are commonly used. Once someone picks up an infested item, sits on an infected chair, walks on an infected carpet or lays down on an infected bed, the mites will surely find their way back into a warm-blooded person.

This is how people often get re-infected with scabies without knowing how it happened. You need to make sure the entire living area is free of scabies bug mites before you can really have some peace of mind. This advice also includes your work area. Scabies could be hiding in your computer keyboard, or other desktop nooks and crannies.

Kleen Free is a 100% natural, organic bug eliminator that is specifically designed to get rid of nuisance bugs like scabies. It's concentrated so you can put some in a spray bottle and easily disinfect all kinds of items like furniture, toys, rugs and clothing. It's made from organic enzymes and is non-toxic.