All Natural Home Remedies Will Kill Those Scabies for Good

Having tiny scabies bug mites living underneath your skin is not only horribly uncomfortable, but it's also really creepy. I mean, who wants to live with bugs under their skin?

Luckily, you don't have to deal with this problem anymore.

There are several excellent home remedies for scabies that don't take a lot of trouble to acquire or put to use. The reason why you don't know about them is because, well, big pharma likes to promote their prescription medications. In other words, they like making lots of money from synthetic creams and lotions.

You see, they can't get a patent on all natural ingredients. That's why they don't want you to know about alternatives that you can easily buy at the store.

Anyway, thankfully, you've found this site, and now you just wanna get rid of these awful little critters as quickly as you can, right?

Yes, show me the 100% natural way to get rid of my scabies forever!

Keeping Your Home Free of Scabies is Important

Because scabies can live for 3 - 4 days outside of a human body, they can easily be laying around any household items that are commonly used. Once someone picks up an infested item, sits on an infected chair, walks on an infected carpet or lays down on an infected bed, the mites will surely find their way back into a warm-blooded person.

This is how people often get re-infected with scabies without knowing how it happened. You need to make sure the entire living area is free of scabies bug mites before you can really have some peace of mind. This advice also includes your work area. Scabies could be hiding in your computer keyboard, or other desktop nooks and crannies.

Kleen Free is a 100% natural, organic bug eliminator that is specifically designed to get rid of nuisance bugs like scabies. It's concentrated so you can put some in a spray bottle and easily disinfect all kinds of items like furniture, toys, rugs and clothing. It's made from organic enzymes and is non-toxic.

How Can You Tell If You Have Scabies?

Once scabies have infected your body, it can take another 3 - 6 weeks before you feel any symptoms. The most common way that people find out is when an itchy rash breaks out on their skin.

Now, at first, it may be puzzling as to what this rash is, because the rash looks very similar to mosquito bites or pimples, which can both cause itchy skin. The best way to identify that you have scabies is to look where the breakouts are happening.

A scabies rash will most often appear between the web of your fingers or toes, on the side of your hands, on your wrists or elbows, under your armpits, on the inside of your thighs, on your private parts or inside your buttocks. The rash will very quickly blister and spread to other sections of skin.

When the mites hatch and burrow into various skin areas, they secrete a toxin which causes an allergic reaction. So, all of that horrible itchy feeling you're having is being caused by these secretions. Even after the mites are dead, their bodies will still give off this toxic chemical, making the rash last several more weeks after the initial infestation has been eradicated.

Banish scabies from your body for good using 100% natural remedies

What Causes a Scabies Outbreak?

A scabies outbreak all begins with a microscopic mite that goes by the name of: Sarcoptes scabiei

They are tiny parasitic bugs that burrow down deep into the skin and live there for weeks. Each female mite produces up to 3 eggs a day, which hatch into full-blown adult mites in about 12 - 14 days. So, you can imagine how many mites you can have in your body within a month's time.

Not a pleasant thought - or experience.

Until recently, it was widely believed that scabies were the result of poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions. Modern science has disproved this theory, and it's now known that anybody can get scabies - no matter how squeaky clean they are.

A scabies infection is highly contagious, so you can get it from a simple handshake with an infected person, having sex, using someone's hand brush, sharing bedsheets and towels, picking up items infested with scabies, or even laying your coat down next to another coat that's infected with scabies.

As you can see, getting scabies is quite easy. Getting rid of them can be an ordeal.