How Can You Tell If You Have Scabies?

Once scabies have infected your body, it can take another 3 - 6 weeks before you feel any symptoms. The most common way that people find out is when an itchy rash breaks out on their skin.

Now, at first, it may be puzzling as to what this rash is, because the rash looks very similar to mosquito bites or pimples, which can both cause itchy skin. The best way to identify that you have scabies is to look where the breakouts are happening.

A scabies rash will most often appear between the web of your fingers or toes, on the side of your hands, on your wrists or elbows, under your armpits, on the inside of your thighs, on your private parts or inside your buttocks. The rash will very quickly blister and spread to other sections of skin.

When the mites hatch and burrow into various skin areas, they secrete a toxin which causes an allergic reaction. So, all of that horrible itchy feeling you're having is being caused by these secretions. Even after the mites are dead, their bodies will still give off this toxic chemical, making the rash last several more weeks after the initial infestation has been eradicated.

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